About Elementa 

Outdoor Entertaining 

Australia is unique for the amount of time we spend outdoors and the range of conditions that we experience in the great outdoors Elementa was developed in Australia to offer a custom outdoor kitchen solution at an affordable price.

Why Elementa 

Elementa is an Australian designed and built outdoor kitchen solution uniquely suited to the our environment.  The concept for Elementa lies in it's simplicity of design, striking colour options & all steel cabinetry for local conditions.  

Custom (but affordable) outdoor kitchen design

Most custom solutions come at a huge price.  The Elementa Modular Outdoor kitchen system consists of a five outdoor kitchen cabinets that can be combined to create a custom solution at an affordable price.  Arrange the options to suit your outdoor entertaining space.  

Easy for you to design & even to install, in less than a day you will have a beautiful outdoor kitchen in your alfresco area.   

Get away from the Grey - a range of striking colours

The real difference of Elementa is colour - brilliant colour.  Most BBQ kitchens come in grey or stainless steel.  Elementa was designed with a range of striking colours.  Your outdoor entertaining area should have a style & colour that creates a striking impression. 

The durability of All-Steel Cabinets

Cabinetry is manufactured from galvanised steel to withstand our tough local conditions.  Unlike timber, steel cabinetry will not warp, rot, shrink or expand.  

The beauty of Akril sheets 

The doors, side and rear panels are manufactured from Akril.

Akril is an environmentally friendly, engineered polymer, enhanced with colour. Quite simply, the durable Akril panel was developed as a cost effective alternative to painted glass — but its qualities of versatility, flexibility and workability let it stand alone in all kinds of domestic, commercial and display applications.

Akril has higher heat distortion than conventional polymers and scuffs and scratches may be polished out.

Best of all, it lets brilliant colour of your outdoor kitchen shine through.